Maidenhair Fern

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Botanical Name - Maidenhair Fern - Adiantum Hardy Planting Zones- 2-8 Sun or Shade – Part shade to full shade Mature Height - 1-3’ Mature Width- 1-3’ Bloom Season – Early Spring-Summer Gardener Status- Beginner
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Maidenhair fern - Adiantum

A maidenhair fern, also known as a walking fern, is apart of a genus of around 250 species of ferns and can be found all around the world as it is relatively easy to grow. The name originated in Greece and meant not wetting; this was about the fact that the plant can shed water without getting wet itself. Maidenhair ferns have a very distinct appearance with bright green and delicately cut leaves that have a dark black and rachises stripes. Today the maidenhair fern is most often grown to be used as a medicine for bronchitis, different types of coughs, loosen up chest congestion, or for heavy menstruation with cramps. The Maidenhair Fern is an attractive and comfortable addition to many a gardener's spaces. These plants come in a wide variety of species, and displays found all over the world. The fronds range from feathery in appearance to flattened, fringed, or fan. Some species fan out from the center while others are reminiscent of clusters of grapes information. Most are green; a few, such as the Rosy Maidenhair, have pink or red foliage.  They require well-drained, moist soil. If they dry out, giving them a good soaking in water usually revives them. They are well suited for both indoor and outdoor planting. If indoors, do not let them get below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If they reach this temperature or below outdoors, healthy Maidenhair ferns will naturally go dormant until warmer weather. However, frost should be avoided. Besides being an excellent choice for houseplants, these beautiful plants are often used as fillers in flower arrangements, as waterside decoration, or in terrariums. They add texture and interest to any of these settings and can soften and brighten a room all at once.  Other varieties include Adiantum aetheopicum or Common Maidenhair. This species has a flat, spread out appearance.  Whether perched precariously near a waterfall or brightening a favorite room, Maidenhair Ferns are a popular choice.