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How Mosses Enhance a Landscape
When you think of moss, you may think of the hot, humid south and the incredible displays of velvety emerald which grow profusely there. The truth is that this versatile, vibrant plant (one of the oldest on earth, in fact!) is native to all parts of the world. It not only creates a magical atmosphere in its natural habitats, but it can also be used to beautify your landscaping.

Mosses enhance a landscape in a variety of ways. Your choice of species and placement will depend upon your location and what you want to accomplish. For example, if you have a stubborn old dead stump in your yard, why not turn it into a point of visual interest? This type of wood is very hospitable to moss, and is a simple way to make it look like your stump is an intentional garden element.

Does your yard boast an impressive tree which needs that special touch to bring the ground around it to the next level? Sheet mosses enhance landscaping in a big way when serving as a lush, mystical bed beneath your shade tree. Imagine your guests' delight as they sit outdoors with you, surrounded by the charming mystique of your moss garden.

Large rocks and boulders also serve as attractive hosts for a covering of verdant texture. As long as there is enough moisture and shade, moss also makes a fascinating and rich filler between walkway or patio pavers.

Of course, one of the best ways to use mosses to enhance a landscape is right among your other plants and flowers. Ferns and rhododendrons grow happily with this humble plant, and it's also a great way to enrich the look of a Japanese garden. The possibilities are virtually endless - simply engage your imagination as you visualize your own yard, and get started!