Northern Privet Plant

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Northern Privet

The Northern Privet plant is also known throughout the world as the privet plant, is a species of deciduous shrub commonly planted to form a garden wall. The semi-evergreen shrub is found in the more temperate climates of Europe, northern Africa, and southwest Asia, but it has also been cultivated in North America and Australia for gardening purposes. The privet is most closely associated with the British Isles, where it is the only native species of privet found. It is famed throughout southern England and Wales for its use to form beautiful hedgerows and to enclose ornamental gardens. It thrives in the chalkier soils of these regions, though cultivars are found in Northern Ireland and Scotland as well. The privet plant's height rarely surpasses 10 feet, but it has on occasion surpassed the 15-foot mark. The grey to brown stems is very stiff and rough, ending in the privet's 6-centimeter leaves. The small, green leaves are semi-glossy in appearance, and, in warmer climates, tend to remain evergreen. The privet is a flowering shrub, blossoming at mid-summer with off-white buds. The flowers, featuring a tube-like base, are beautiful to look at but are not known for their scent. In late summer, the privet produces black, berry-like fruits that are toxic to humans but are a source of food for wild thrushes.

The northern privet plant is a favorite, fast-growing border shrub. However, privet hedge is very tolerant of frequent trimming. This allows you to control the height and shape of the bush easily. Trimming privet hedge several times during the summer will result in a thicker shrub. A row of dense privet hedge can function as a living privacy wall. Privet hedge can be planted as a windscreen. It can also serve as a noise barrier. This feature is quite helpful in urban landscapes where privacy and quietness are often compromised due to the proximity of houses and excessive street noise. There are various types of privet hedge. The hardiness zone differs among varieties.

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