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Orange Daylily

Orange Daylily Plant


Description: Orange Daylily - Hemerocallis fulva Hardy Planting Zones- 2-9 Sun or Shade – Full Sun Mature Height - 48" Mature Width- 20-24" Bloom Season – Early to Mid Summer (May to July) Gardener Status- Beginner
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  • Product Description

    Orange Daylilly – Hemerocallis fulva

    The Orange Daylilly is a perfect choice for a beginner. They have a tall spike, where 8-10 trumpet-like flowers bloom on, and are one of the easiest flowers to grow. The long blades of green, almost grass-like blades emerge from the bottom, which rapidly fills in areas of the garden. Average height of this perennial is 3-foot tall and 2-foot wide, so it makes a large and bold statement in a garden. It is hardy to zones 3-9. It is tolerable of most soils, but prefers a little moisture in the soil, so water during hot summer dry spells. They are a tough plant and not fussy of pH levels. They can be mowed over and stepped on, but will continue to thrive. They multiply quickly. They are easy to divide, because they can tolerate rough handling. Division of the plant can be done at anytime, once the original plants have established. First time planting should be in the spring or fall, just to ensure they get a good root-hold. The Orange Daylilly likes full sun, unless it is in a warmer climate, where partial shade is welcoming. Excellent choice for property borders, hard to maintain areas, and scattered in groups throughout large open areas. Once they start to bloom in the summer, they will continue to bloom until fall, where even a light frost will not hurt them. It is native to China and Japan. The Orange Daylilly flower is an editable food choice of some cultures. Although they do not eat the flowers, Bees, birds, and butterflies, like to gather nectar from the large trumpet like flowers. Plant the Orange Daylillies in the sun against a dark background to enhance the look of the flowers and the greenery. Steep hillsides look beautiful planted with the daylilies. A perfect no maintenance coverage of long lasting blooming color.

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    1. Fast and quick

      Order arrived fast on Apr 1st 2017

    2. Beautiful

      I love the beautiful orange color and how well it is growing and looking. on Apr 1st 2017

    3. Fast ordering

      I ordered this over the phone, which was very helpful and it arrived the following week. It was almost faster than me driving somewhere and picking it up. on Apr 1st 2017

    4. Lots of color

      This plant loves part shade and produces a lot of color as its growing. I love to cut the fresh blooms and bring them in. on Mar 31st 2017

    5. Just what was needed

      I needed some color to add to my boring landscape and this really stands out and looks good. It was just what was needed on Mar 29th 2017

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