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Oxeye Daisy Plant

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Oxeye Daisy Plant
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Oxeye Daisy Plant

The Leucanthemum vulgare is also known as the Oxeye Daisy Plant. This plant is well spread out in Europe and even in temperate parts in Asia. It has been becoming well recognized in North America, Austrailia, and New Zealand. These plants are also known as being apart of the Asteraceae family. The leaves on this plant are dark green. The middle leaves and basals are petiolate, obovate or spoon-shaped. The upper leaves on this plant are short and are carried along the stems. These plants blossoms from the late spring to the fall.

The flower head on these plants are quite small and are only 5 centimeters. Oxeye Daisy is a hardy perennial herb ranging from one to three feet high that might remind you of Shasta Daisies, with a central yellow eye surrounded by 20 to 30 white petals. It is a beautiful wildflower and will flourish in a wildflower meadow. However, this plant can quickly invade other areas of the landscape. In some areas, it is considered an invasive species are forming dense colonies. Oxeye daisy grows 18 to 24 inches tall and make excellent cut flowers. The plants prefer a sunny location, but will also grow in partial shade. Butterflies love the nectar-rich blooms. Hardy from zones 4-8. 

This system permits shoots to spread upward allowing this European native to populate and destroy crops and cattle grazing fields. If growing wildly in a grazing cattle field, cattle will not eat the wildflower destroying the area itself. Because of this versatility, you will find these perennials in every state. However, the Internet has made it possible to purchase the seeds in wildflower mixes. Keeping your yard well-manicured and healthy give this beautiful perennial little chance to survive. Additionally, maintaining a densely planted and well-maintained mulched flower garden will help shade out these wildflower seedlings. The Oxeye Daisies are a beautiful addition to any wildflower garden.