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Oxeye Daisy Plant

Oxeye Daisy Plant


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    Oxeye Daisy Plant

    Oxeye Daisy is a hardy perennial herb ranging from one to three feet high that might remind you of Shasta Daisies, with a central yellow eye surrounded by 20 to 30 white petals. It is a beautiful wildflower and will flourish in a wildflower meadow. However, this plant can quickly invade other areas of the landscape. In some areas, it is considered an invasive species forming dense colonies. These colonies can displace native plants and destroy existing communities. The Oxeye Daisy population is hard to control because it spreads aggressively. One flower head can produce over 200 seeds annually. Their seeds may also be viable for up to 38 years or more. They also spread vegetatively through subterranean root systems and root fragments. This system permits shoots to spread upward allowing this European native to populate and destroy crops and cattle grazing fields. If growing wildly in a cattle grazing field, cattle will not eat the wildflower causing the destruction of the field itself. The Oxeye Daisy thrives in a wide range of conditions from sun to shade but prefers damp soils. Because of this versatility, you will find these perennials in every state. But as an invasive species, it is important to control it. Some states do not even allow the sale of the plants or its seeds. However, the Internet has made it possible to purchase the seeds in wildflower mixes. An important part of controlling these beautiful yet suffocating wildflowers is pulling them up by the roots or cutting the plant down before it flowers and produces seeds. If you let the plant flower before mowing, the entire lawn can become overgrown with Oxeye Daisies very quickly. Keeping your yard well-manicured and healthy give this beautiful perennial little chance to survive. Additionally, keeping a densely planted and well-maintained mulched flower garden will help shade out these wildflower seedlings. The Oxeye Daisies are a beautiful addition to any wildflower garden, but always keep in mind that it can take over the area, suffocating other vegetation.

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