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Perennials Are Often Called The Backbone In Flower Gardens


Perennials are an invaluable part of many landscape designs. They’re ideal for busy homeowners. They require minimal care after the initial planting and are complementary to many other landscape flowers and shrubs. Perennials can be used as border plants. They're adorable planted along a fence or wall. Tall growing perennials are often the best choice for borders. Tall perennials can also be placed in the back of a flower bed with shorter perennials or annuals added in front of them to create a cascading kaleidoscope of color. When you include features in your landscape that you want to showcase, such as a birdbath, a fountain or an attractive piece of yard art, adding perennials around that feature can make it more noticeable. Short perennials will not distract from the showcase piece.

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Perennials are an excellent choice for landscape feature when you want to create a single flower bed


A single bed is a smart landscape choice when you have an area that can be seen from almost every direction. A circular bed of perennials is comfortable to care for and wonderfully impressive. Circular designs are probably not your only option. You can be as creative as you wish while keeping the growth habits of the flowers as a guideline for plant positioning. Successive planting is the ideal way to have a continual collection of colorful blooms in your landscape. When choosing flowers, you’ll want to consider the type of foliage as well as the size and lifespan of the blooms. Grouping plants that have similar soil, water, and sunlight requirements will increase successful growth. Perennials can be included in a natural garden design. Typically, perennial ground covers are used in natural areas. It’s often necessary to select flowers that require a minimal amount of sunlight to include in a native garden.

Perennials Returns Every Spring, Lives For Decades & Thrives Near Shade & Sun