Pine Cones - 1 Gallon Bag

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Pinecone 1-gallon bag is a wonderful and a great way to create beautiful items. These are gorgeous when used to add to wreaths for a festive flair and also are lovely when added to flower arrangements.
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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Pine Cones Are Excellent For Decor and More

Many people use pine cones as a decoration, especially near the holidays. There are thousands of crafts that you can make with pine cones including centerpieces, tree ornaments, garland, snow globes, wreaths, and wind chimes. Another popular method of using pine cones is to place them in clear bowls or jars on tables, fireplaces, and mantles. Many people paint them with glitter paints that give them some sparkle. Pine cones are easy to use in garden beds and to surround trees in the place of mulch. Many experts say that using pine cones this way gives the flower bed or garden a much more natural look. Others say that they perform better than mulch because they create a ton of shade that reduces weeds. These cones also take a long time to break down, so they serve their purpose for much longer than mulch. By collecting pine cones from trees in your yard or a neighbor's land, you can adorn your borders, bushes, trees, and flower beds with natural cones that let water drain well. Plants that require easily-draining soil will benefit from pine cones placed at the bottom of the pot to let the water out quickly.

To decorate the outside of your home with the cones, you can tie them onto evergreen plants with fishing line and string lights around them for special occasions. A large wreath on the front door is an excellent way to welcome guests over for a friendly conversation and a cup of coffee. Consider making large vases or bowls that have a candle in the center and pine cones around the candle to hold it in place to add some depth to the design. Cones can merely be put around the bottom of potted plants too. Gluing cones to a strand of LED lights that you place on your window, door, or on a wall is another way to gussy up space.