Pink Spirea

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Latin Name- Weigela Florida Pink Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 6-8 ft Width- 48 inches Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Pink Spirea Shrub

Pink Spirea have delicate foliage as it branches white and pink flowers. As these have a right place in a mixed border as these spring bulbs have colorful blooms. In small spaced gardens, they have mounding backdrop that features a purple perennial. These do well in fertile, moist soil, and it has to have good drainage. These plants grow to six feet tall as these are best when you use these as a border. This has an attractive flower with fall colors, and they do well in the winter months.

This is scrub with delicate blooms as this is a relative of the baby's breath. These appear through the summer and fall, and there are two types of these. It is Japanese spirea and a Bulma spirea, and these spread very quickly, but they will not take over your flower bed. You need to prune this tree for it to do well as this is easy to do. This flower has several color changes, and they begin with a soft pink color and move to a golden color. This is an excellent border or an accent plant in the garden. You need to prune this in the spring before the first leaves appear, as it could damage the flower if it is pruned at the wrong time of the year.

These do well in the colder climates as they grow in moderate temperature. When you do regular pruning, it helps maintain the form of this tree. They have a variety of colors, and they grow up to six feet tall. These bloom in a variety of soils, but they prefer a loose soil with good drainage. These branches produce white, yellow, pink or red flowers, and they do this in the spring. Some varieties do not bloom until summer. These have beautiful branches that bend under the weight of the heavy blossoms. If you do regular pruning, it keeps your bush from looking unkempt. When you do annual pruning, it produces fresh new flowers each year.

Spirea requires regular trimming to do away with the broken branches and dead growth. To do away with the breakage due to the weight and winds, remove the most extended, more massive branches as this helps protect the spirea scrub. You should make early spring the best time to prune your tree. This gives it time to form new growth as it produces fresh blossoms, and after the flowers, it is the best time to prune your tree. When you do annual pruning, it is best to remove the large branches and limbs. This is a way that you can get the new flowers to grow, and it allows the sunlight to get to the branches. It is an attractive tree when it is properly trimmed and shaped.