Poly Fern

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Polystichum acrostichoides Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Part Shade to Full Shade Mature Height - 12-24" Mature Width- 12-24" Bloom Season – Non-flowering Gardener Status- Beginner
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Poly Fern - Polypodium Vulgare

Poly ferns can be found all over the world. They are terrestrial ferns with fronds that are hairy and can be both short and long. They differ greatly in size and appearance and are evergreens that are important in horticulture as several species like deer and squirrels feed upon them. The fern is usually used as decoration in shady areas as they require little sunlight. Apart from being a beautiful, deep green decoration fern, the poly fern can also be used in cooking as a spice. Just as most ferns, the poly doesn't have blooms, but its beautiful green color gives any garden a lovely pop of color. The Poly Fern is one of the hardiest of all the ferns in the Polypodium family, possessing the innate ability to grow on rock surfaces and areas devoid of soil. When the ground is present, these ferns will adapt most readily to sandy soil and dirt with granular particulates inside. The Poly Fern reproduces by sporulation, like all ferns, and will quickly spread itself over exposed rock faces in great clumps. An initial plant will develop smaller colonial variations with ease, making them a suitable alternative to most kinds of creeping ivy when it comes to decorating the outside of a brick house or any area low in the soil. Originally native to the eastern United States, Polypodium vulgar is hardy and can stand up to various climates. These leaflets bear bright yellow spore sites that can deviate in color to the point of turning a vibrant, vibrant orange. These sori give the leaflets a vibrancy that surpasses most common ferns. The Poly Fern serves as one of the most comfortable and most convenient ferns to use in landscaping, making them a favorite among beginning landscapers and discerning experts.