Purple Love Grass

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Latin Name-Tridens flavus Hardy Zone- 7-10 Mature Height-4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Purple Love Grass – Eragrostis Spectabilis

Purple love grass is often considered an ornamental grass that is used as a filler in flower gardens. It usually grows up to two feet in height. The leaves of the plant have a light purple appearance and can grow to lengths of about two feet. This is a plant that doesn't require a lot of maintenance and minimal amounts of water. Purple Love Grass makes a lovely seasonal bunch-grass for any garden or yard, bringing its unkempt basal green leaves to give it a wild look.

With the arrival of August, they blossom into an inflorescence of purplish-red flowers that reach nearly 24” in height before starting to fade to bronze-red by October.  They are a beautiful addition to any garden, providing a robust green border throughout their growing season, and a flourish of color when they bloom later in the year. Gardeners may want to take care to deadhead the inflorescence’s before they go to seed to help control their spread, as they will dry up and roll like tumbleweeds dropping seeds as they go. Their robust nature also makes them excellent selections where black walnut and air pollution are a problem, serving as a unique solution for circumstances where other forms of foliage may not fare as well.

These perennials grow best when they are spaced in 12-inch intervals, allowing some overlap as they grow to a 2-3 foot spread. From their fine-texture burst of green in spring and summer, through the purple and bronze-red of autumn, they’ll provide a colorful addition to your garden. They’re incredibly easy to care for as well, they have no serious pest problems, and if you don’t mind a yard full of beautiful grasses, they tend to self-seed. Further, it remains active the entire year, and should only be cut down to the ground during spring, when it will quickly recover. Purple Love Grass is a perfect, all purpose, all year round addition to your landscaping features, and will proliferate in most of the United States.