Red Oak Tree

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Latin Name- Quercus rubra Hardy Planting Zone-3-8 Mature Height- 70-100 Width-60-80 Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Red Oak Tree or Northern Red Oak - Quercus Rubra

Red Oak Tree
The Red Oak is one of the stateliest trees in North America. It is favored for its adaptability to urban settings. It grows at a very fast rate, more than 24" per year and prefers acidic, moist, loamy, sandy and clay soils but is adaptable to drought. The leaves on the Red Oak turn bright red to a deep, dark red in the fall. The Red Oak Tree is a favorite for many reasons. The specimens are known as the New Jersey state trees because they are robust and hardy favoring zones three to eight on the North American Hardiness Map. The fall foliage on this plant is a favorite reason why these trees are added to yards, gardens, and farms. The colors of the leaves can range from a rusty red to a vibrant, bold red.
The Red Oak Tree is a beautiful addition to any yard since so many people enjoy the colors and shade it provides. This tree also produces acorns that attract numerous wildlife including bears, squirrels, deer and wild turkeys. Blue Jays are another animal that loves to sit and feed on the Red Oak Tree. Lumberjacks and professional lawn and garden designers often use this tree when building homes and furniture as well as for shade in residential settings. It is a much more comfortable tree to transplant than most, and it reproduces. The circular canopy of the Red Oak Tree is very appealing in urban and rural environments. Red Oaks can even grow in semi-desert conditions. One of the best things about this specimen is that it thrives in polluted areas making it ideal for downtown areas. The Oak loves various types of soil including loose, rocky, and clay. It will also grow in the acidic and mossy ground. The majestic Northern Red Oak, as it is often called, is one of those plants that can be the star of the yard or an accent to a beautiful garden or farmhouse design.