Red Raspberry Bush

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Red Raspberry - Rubus strigosus

Red Raspberry - Rubus idaeus Ed Raspberry bushes are perennial plants that grow four to five feet tall and two to three feet wide with lush, serrated green foliage. They are most frequently grown in agricultural zones five through eight where they fruit two years after planting. Red fruits are edible and may be brewed to make a tea. The Rubus strigosus is the North American variety of Red Raspberry. The white blossoms preclude the bright red fruit this plant is so famous for. The fruit ripens in summer and is a favorite, well-known berry, whether eaten fresh off the plant or baked in a pie. The berries are not the only edible part of this plant. Raspberry leaves have long been used for their multiple medicinal qualities. The leaves are steeped to make a tea used to treat diarrhea, sores, and menstrual cramps, among other ailments. This tea is also used during the end of pregnancy in preparation for labor. Because Red Raspberry is hearty, it can survive periods of low moisture. They can be cultivated to create a hedge or just enjoyed their fruit. Young Raspberry plants should be planted in the early spring, about 3 feet apart. Other varieties of the plant produce eye-catching fruits that can be yellow or gold, black, or purple. The everbearing array of Red Raspberry produces fruit twice a year. The summer-bearing display delivers just once in summer. Though sturdy, they are susceptible to numerous insect pests, such as cane borers and the Dock sawfly. These pests cause damage by boring into the plant, so wilting and breaking are signs to look for. Other pests such as the green vegetable beetle cause damage by sucking the sap out of the plant. Isolated cases require removal of the affected part. Wide-spread damage involves removal of the entire plant. Whichever variety of Red Raspberry the knowledgeable gardener chooses, he or she can expect a colorful yield.