River Birch Live Stakes

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River Birch Live Stakes - Betula Nigra

Growing two to three feet a year, the tree features a beautiful cinnamon-colored bark and bright, glossy green leaves with a silvery-white bottom. In the spring, the leaves and trunk are light in color, darkening into the summer months and producing a one-to-three-inch fruit. By the fall, the bark returns to a lighter brown while the leaves change to their beautiful orange and red shades. In the winter, the river birch is unique and beautiful, turning to almost a white trunk. The bark sheds on an ongoing basis and deters weeds from growing at the base of the tree. The river birch is exceptionally hardy and adaptable, growing well in both neutral or acidic conditions. The tree is both drought-tolerant and flood-tolerant, able to thrive in wet and dry conditions. It can also handle hot, humid weather of summer while at the same time being remarkably resilient against cold, wind, and ice. Homeowners can attract many birds to their yards with the river birch's thick canopy; birds love building their nests in the safety of these dense leaves and branches and eating the small, abundant seeds. Deer are also attracted by the full leaves. For homeowners, the river birch can provide a significant amount of shade in addition to being a lovely ornamental tree for any landscape. The river birch can help stabilize the land, especially near water, to control erosion. It ships as a bare root plant and can be grown indoors or directly outdoors. The tree is male or female and requires both planted nearby to propagate.


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