River Oats

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Latin Name- Chasmanthium latifolium Hardy Zone- 4-10 Mature Height- 10inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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River Oats - Chasmanthium latifolium

River Oats - Chasmanthium latifolium

River oats (also known as Upland Oats, Indian Woodoats or Northern Sea Oats), are a perennial ornamental grass native to the northern, eastern, and southern U.S., southern Canada, and northern Mexico. They grow 2-4 feet tall and bear long, spiky seed pods that resemble oats. They bloom from early summer through early fall, depending on your zone. Throughout the season, leaves and stalks are a bright blue-green, and mature seed heads are gorgeous ivory. In the fall the stems turn yellow, and the seed heads become a deep bronze.

In the wild, river oats prefer acidic, sandy soils, clay, and loam. They grow in thick woodlands and rocky shores along streams. The thick roots will help fortify slopes and loose dirt. Use them in your garden or yard for added texture, ground cover, and color accents. They like partial shade, lots of water, and can tolerate poor soils. They will tolerate full sun if given enough water. The stalks grow in clumps, providing a lovely, dense covering of foliage for a garden or yard, but will also do well as potted plants. They may require stakes or ties for support.

They are easy to maintain—if they grow tall with-in the year. They also handle transplanting very well. Bear in mind that River oats are self-seeders. These trees would make a great addition to your landscape with little effort by the planter. 

River oats do not attract deer or insect pests. They are resistant to diseases and other problems. The seeds and flowers attract butterflies (particularly skippers), small mammals and birds. The stalks and leaves supply nesting material for birds, and for those who enjoy arts and crafts, they can also make lovely additions to floral arrangements and wreaths.