Shumard Oak Tree

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Latin Name- Quercus rubra Hardy Planting Zone-3-8 Mature Height- 70-100 Width-60-80 Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Shumard Oak - Quercus shumardii

This makes it perfect for warm weather, for it is known to be an excellent shade tree. It's also a beautiful statement piece in the fall when its gorgeous leaves turn hues of red and red-orange. This is hard to miss as its deciduous leaves grow to be anywhere from four to eight inches long. They are lobed, and some lobes have bristles on their tips. With a medium growth rate of thirteen to twenty-four inches per year, you can expect to get used out of your shade tree relatively quickly. While acidic, loamy, alkaline and well-drained soils are its preference, the Shumard Oak does well in polluted and compacted grounds and even has a slight drought tolerance. They are also relatively easy to transplant, so you shouldn't worry too much if you need to move your sapling or if you buy one to bring home.

These sun-loving and gorgeous trees produce brown to green catkins in the spring, as well as acorns two to four times per year. This particular oak tree gives acorns that are about one inch in length and egg-shaped. They have thick, flat saucer-shaped cups. If you're a wildlife lover, then you'll be pleased to know that this tree attracts deer, squirrels, and all sorts of birds. You can sit back and relax under your Shumard Oak shade tree and watch as cute squirrels scurry back and forth. This beautiful tree will not only make your home look lovely in the fall, but it will provide shade for you and your family, as well as attract adorable wildlife to your home. It is easy to grow and relatively hardy.

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