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Silky Dogwood

Silky Dogwood

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Description: Latin Name-Cornus amomum Zones 4-8 Mature Height- 6-10 feet tall Mature Width- 6-10 feet wide Growth/year- 2 feet Sunlight- full sun
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    Silky Dogwood - Cornus amomum

    The Silky Dogwood is truly a four-season shrub that creates thickets by growing roots where stems are in contact with the ground. This hardy plant does best in planting zones 4-8 and can grow in a variety of soil conditions. Silky Dogwood does well in all sunlight conditions, from full sun to full shade, and grows to an average of 8 feet tall when fully mature. The growth rate of this plant is considered to be moderate to fairly fast growing, and it is deciduous, meaning it loses its leaves in the winter. Though this plant is versatile enough to exist in most conditions, it prefers wet soils and moderate sunlight.

    Cornus amomum is a beautiful shrub for landscaping and requires very little care. The blossoms that form in early summer are white with yellow centers. These flowers give way to dark blue berries that attract a wide variety of wild birds to your yard. The stems of the plant turn a reddish color in the fall which provides an attractive look once the leaves have fallen. It is very difficult to find a spot this shrub won't grow, and they make both striking ornamental trees and solid hedges for screens and windbreaks. 

    The Silky Dogwood provides a necessary diet for migrating songbirds and has attractive bark, fruit, and flowers. The leaves are of a medium green shade and glossy, growing up to 5 inches, with noticeable veining. The twigs and stems are a reddish-brown. This hardy shrub is ideal for moist areas where other plants refuse to grow, and has few issues with disease and pests. With its snowy blooms and striking bark color, this plant will be beautiful no matter the season. Silky Dogwood will ship directly to you in bare root condition for immediate planting and maximum plant health.

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