Silky Willow Live Stakes

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Silky Willow Live Stakes


Silky willow - salix sericea


The silky willow can be a beautiful addition to any homeowner's landscape.Growing at a rate of more than three feet per year, the silky willow can be an ornamental tree or a large shrub in most yards. The silky willow produces yellow, white and green flowers in March and April. These pretty, showy flowers are often perfect for dried flower arrangements. The male plants feature ornamental pearl gray catkins. Leaves of the silky willow measure about six to 10 centimeters in length and seven to eight millimeters in width. On the top surface, the silky willow leaves are dark green with light hairs while bottom sides are a lighter green and densely covered with silky hairs. Silky willow live stakes also produce small blue-black berries that are pleasant to look at and attract birds, squirrels, chipmunks and other wildlife to a homeowner's yard. The silky willow likes moist soil conditions but tolerates dry soil as well. Pruning is comfortable in the early spring or late winter, and the silky willow can be cut to the ground every three to five years if a homeowner wishes to maintain the plant as a small shrub instead of a tree. The silky willow tolerates deer, erosion, wet soil and black walnut trees. Silky willow live stakes ship as bare-root plants. Homeowners can improve the image of their landscape quickly with this lovely tree.


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