Smooth Cordgrass

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Latin Name-Spartina Alterniflora Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 12inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Smooth Cordgrass - Spartina alterniflora

Smooth Cordgrass, or Spartina Alterniflora, is a saltwater marsh grass. It is a tall, soft grass that typically grows from 3 to 7 feet tall. It is vibrant green color in the spring and summer months and turns a light brown in the fall and winter. When in bloom from July to August, the stalks resemble wheat in the way they flower. They have thick and broad leaves that grow near the top of the plant close to where it blooms. The cordgrass grows best in marshy areas such as salt marshes, and banks of ocean bays, and saltwater creeks!

Smooth cordgrass, also known as marsh grass. A medium-height grass grows behind the tallest version and the shortest grass, measuring under a foot high, may grow naturally in low-oxygen, low-elevation locations. The smooth cordgrass is green in the spring and summer and turns light brown in late autumn and winter. The plant produces a flowering stalk that blooms in July or August. Visible throughout the summer and the fall, these stems look a bit like wheat or hay grass. These flat "branches" overlap and produce a single flower. Narrow leaves are rolled upward and benefit from a complicated and robust root structure. The plant reproduces by both seed and rhizomes.

It grows naturally in marshy areas as well as along the borders of bays and creeks. A common marsh plant, the smooth cordgrass can grow in vast fields near streams and provides a high level of nutrition to the area. In its natural growing areas, the smooth cordgrass easily survives to flood several times during a season with its intricate root system. This helps prevent erosion and curb pollution in these areas. Amazingly, the smooth cordgrass can take fresh water out of salt water in times of need. For homeowners, this grass is a beautiful, naturalizing grass to incorporate into any landscape. This fast-growing grass thrives in many soil types and conditions and is easy to grow and provides a lovely addition to any view.

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