Soft Rush Grass

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Latin Name-Juncus Effusus Hardy Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Soft Rush - Juncus effusus

The Advantages Of Planting Soft Rush
Soft rush, also known as standard rush, is a must-have for those with outdoor spaces like patios, balconies, and decks. Soft rush is also found in water gardens, near pools, and ponds, or in any wet soil. Here are a few advantages to planting soft rush in your garden or outdoor space.

Screening Plants

Soft rush grows well in pots and containers. This makes it an attractive planting for urban spaces because the four-foot tall grass provides privacy for balconies and patios in high-traffic areas. Choose colorful pots and large urns for planting and be sure to keep rushes watered.

Dramatic Backdrops

Soft rush is a plastic plant. This trait causes it to bend in breezes, and the tall reeds arch delicately. When planted near an outdoor pool, hot tub or water feature soft rush creates silhouettes on the water, especially at night when lanterns create backlighting.

Suited for Wet Soils

Soft rush is a reed. Although some grasses can survive dry spaces, most reeds prefer wet soils. For gardeners faced with inconsistent water levels, grasses can be a garden saver. Soft rush acts as a natural cover for boggy areas, swales, and spaces that accumulate run-off.

Compliments Other Plants

Soft rush is dark green with a preference for shade. This makes it a suitable backdrop for water gardens. If you are growing lotus flowers, orchids or other showy water plants, then soft rush will not distract from your specimen plantings. Instead, it will provide a lush backdrop.

Also, soft rush works well near ponds. Whether your pond is natural or human-made, soft rush smooths out areas between shore and water, creating an uninterrupted landscape. Soft rush won't overshadow your koi or other ornamental fish. Instead, it can provide a bit of afternoon shade for your aquatic creatures.