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Soft rush grass

Soft Rush Grass


Description: Latin Name-Juncus Effusus Hardy Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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    Soft Rush - Juncus effusus

    Folks looking for an enduring and attractive looking vertical grass-like plant to decorate their landscaping with, the Soft Rush (Juncus effuses) plant (also called candle rush by the Japanese) makes for a naturally wild and beautiful view. The Soft Rush plant is an evergreen perennial, known to produce loose umbrella like yellowish clusters of flowers, and tiny brown capsules on the sides of the stems during the summer season. The flowers can turn into a brownish color in other seasons. These plants are very handsome and adapt to a wide variety of growing conditions; they mostly grow in sunny shallow wetlands or water gardens and can be very attractive for homes utilizing a Southwestern style design and built from stucco or stone. They are fast growers and clump together in clusters. 

    Soft Rushes are located throughout the southern Canadian provinces and up into southern Alaska. One can find them throughout most of the contiguous United States as well. These plants typically inhabit wet environments such as meadows, marshes, prairie swales, open wet woodlands, edges of ponds, lakes, rivers, and similar wet environments. The Soft Rush plant can reach 3 1/2’ feet in height, 2-3' feet wide, and possess thin stems that are dark green, sharp at the tips, singular and vertical (not branched), round in cross section, containing sheaths (enveloping tubular structure) at the base. The yellowish-brown flowers tend to grow in a single umbrella style cluster along the upper half of the stem (but not near the tip,) and are about 1-4” long. The growing conditions of the Soft Rush plant require that it be in full sunny exposure in sites containing moist mucky soil or shallow standing water. These plants grow fine in the moist garden soil as they can tolerate bouts of dryness; however, they prefer acidic soil and need to be planted about 2 feet apart. 

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