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Spreading Phlox


Description: Spreading Phlox - Phlox Diffusa Hardy Planting Zones - 3-9 Sun or Shade - Full Sun Mature Height - 4-6" Mature Width - 24" Bloom Season - Summer (June to September) Gardener Status - Beginner
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    Spreading Phlox - Phlox diffusa

    Spreading Phlox is a perennial. It grows horizontal and matures to about 8 inches in height. It is matted to the ground, and its stem is decumbent. The flowers are quite striking, and the color ranges from pink to violet. The Spreading Phlox is indigenous to western North America, British Columbia to the Southwestern region of the United States. It grows in many types of environments which include rocky, high elevation mountainous slopes. The Spreading Phlox thrives when growing on dry hillsides. This horizontal growing plant has small bundles of violet flowers with a golden center and green leaves. It is considered a somewhat low maintenance plant, and should only be pruned after flowering to avoid damaging the current season's flowers. This perennial is in season from May through August. It goes dormant in November until the next spring. The flower is very fragrant. Significant pollinators are butterflies and bumblebees. When the flowers bloom early, butterflies and bumblebees seem to visit it less often. The hummingbird is also a frequent visitor. It has found to be a vital source of nectar for early season queen bumblebees. These beautiful perennial looks are stunning in rock gardens or as a border. It also looks gorgeous as a groundcover, a mass planting, and general garden use.This plant cannot tolerate standing water but is drought tolerant. Spreading Phlox is ideal for a water garden. Cover this plant with a layer of mulch to protect it from cold weather. It does well in many different types of soil and also seems resistant to urban pollution.  This is a beautiful perennial that will add color and life to any outdoor space. 

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    1. Nice plants

      Good to plant and grow on Mar 31st 2017

    2. Need more

      Need to order more to help fill in gaps on Mar 31st 2017

    3. Waiting

      Just planted last week and so far it seems to be taking, I hope so on Mar 31st 2017

    4. Color is refreshing

      The color is gorgeous and really makes my bare area seem full. on Mar 31st 2017

    5. Enjoyable

      For many years I have been jealous of my grandmothers hillside where she has her spreading phlox growing. I begged for a piece to plant myself in my yard, it died! I ordered from this company and I have had amazing results so far. Thank you on Mar 29th 2017

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