Straw - 5 Gallons

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The Pine Straw Mulch is very versatile incorporation for the garden. You can get it in a store or for free if you have a pine tree.
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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Straw is excellent for protecting plants and many other uses

Straw - 5 Gallons
Straw is used for a large variety of purposes. Our 5-gallon bales are smaller than some but large enough for most purposes. The most common use for straw is animal bedding. You can put it down in any animal enclosure, and it serves a variety of purposes. First, it serves to keep your animals out of the mud and the muck. This is more pleasant for both your animals and yourself. Even an animal doesn't like to be filthy all the time, and you want to be able to interact with your animals without becoming filthy yourself. Another good reason to use a straw is for warmth. In the wintertime, any animals that are kept outside will need a way to keep warm. Straw is the simplest, oldest, and most well-established way to do this. For instance, if you keep your dogs outside in a kennel during the winter, you will need to spread at least a bale or two (depending on the size of your kennel) on the group, and put an entire bale in the doghouse. This will enable your beloved beasts to curl up nice and warm instead of freezing in the frosty muck. Straw is also very commonly used as animal feed. While it has little to no nutritional value, it serves as very good roughage for animals who require it, such as cattle and horses. While there are many things that can be used as roughage, straw is by far the cheapest and most well-proven solution. It is also common to use straw bales as archery targets. While there are more modern targets made of foam, it is hard to argue with old tradition. Straw bales have been the archery target of choice for most of human history. Straw has been common since the dawn of civilization because it is a natural by-product of agriculture. After grain plants have had all the useful parts removed, the remaining stalks and leaves are bundled and dried to produce the product we know today. Animals are not the only things that like straw to eat. It's an excellent filler to put around seeds to keep birds and rain from washing or carting the seeds away. It's used as a protective blanket around fragile garden plants also for winter weather. It's also a beautiful yellow color giving all those plants that have died back for the winter season a nice golden look.