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Stump Planters

Stump Planters Have Great Uses 

 A stump planter can quickly become the centerpiece of your garden. Having different height levels for plants in your garden helps to achieve a more impressive landscape. By using stump planters, the different height levels are easily achieved while maintaining a natural look. Stump planters are very versatile in the types of plants they can hold. They are durable and weather resistant. Stump planters are designed to help keep plant roots fresh in the summer and protect them from freezing in the colder months. They are also intended to retain the correct amount of moisture, which makes caring for your plants so much more comfortable.

For the most natural look, choose a stump planter that replicates a type of tree also found in your yard


The molds used to create these stump planters are designed from actual tree stumps. This gives each log a more realistic look. Some examples of stump planter types are birch, oak, and elm. Better yet, bring the natural look indoors. Stump planters will add a rustic touch to your living room and dining room decor. If placing plants inside them isn't for you, use them to display candles or other mementos.

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If gardening and landscaping does not suit your needs, these stump planters have many other practical and contemporary uses


Crafters love to use stump planters to create fairy garden houses. A couple of possible uses for stump planters on a porch or deck would be a small trash can, a drink holder, or a bug candle/tiki torch holder. You could also place these next to the shed to hold small gardening and other tools or line them up along a walkway carrying solar lights. They have also been used as table decorations for parties and weddings with outdoor themes. The possibilities are endless with stump planters.