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Landscaping Supplies

Everyone loves big lush, beautiful garden plants and trees. The way to have those is to care for your plants as though they were your babies. TLC is the way to do this. Add rich topsoil or planting soil when you plant your newly purchased flowers. Fertilize them 1-2 times per year with ultra rich and organic soil additive like worm castings and aged chicken manure. Then always mulch your plants. This holds moisture in the roots of all your plants and helps them keep from drying out, and it also protects them from harsh winter weather. Make your flowers not only grow 50% better, but make them pop with color and liveliness by adding these supplies to your order. We have hand selected over the span of 58 years perfect things to protect, fertilize and grow your plants to achieve their fullest potential without the hype of all those non-organic methods like you buy in the stores. We mix all our products by hand, and they are organic. You will not ever find any pesticides, herbicides or harmful sprays on our garden plants. Could we shout this from the rooftop, YES! Most nurseries have forgotten to hand work their crops. They use sprays that is so harmful to humans, and we believe this is why cancer is so rampant. We refuse to do this to our soil or our plants. We'd love to wave a banner saying we are one of the only nurseries in the southeastern United States that says NO, but we would like for you to buy our plants and see the difference. We do not sell hybrids of any type also. All our products are naturally made, no human-made. Like our berry plants, you will get smaller berries, but the taste is unsurpassed. All those high hybrids have lost the feeling, out ours. You will find berry plants like those we sell in the hills and mountain areas, like the Indians used to live off of.