Switch Grass

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Latin Name-Panicum virgatum L Hardy Zone- 5-9 Mature Height-3-5ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Switchgrass - Panicum virgatum

Switch Grass is a perennial plant native to North America. It can grow up to 8 feet tall but is generally shorter. Once established it can survive for ten or more years. It requires a low level of care and can handle droughts. Switch Grass enjoys a sandy soil that is kept evenly moist. It does not require fertilizer to grow.  Switchgrass, also known as thatch grass, tall panic grass, or Wobsqua grass, is a perennial species of bunchgrass that is found in most parts of North America, from Canada to Mexico. Switchgrass has a vast array of uses that range from soil conservation to game cover, biosequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (a severe climate issue in our modern society), phytoremediation, forage production, and, most recently, a biomass component for ethanol and butanol. Switchgrass grows in a clustered dispersion pattern, with dense clumps of the plants being observed. Switchgrass requires a moderate amount of water for growth and can thrive in both dry and moist soil compositions.

This species also has a wide range of ornamental applications for homeowners that include groundcover, deer repellent, and also provides nesting and cover for wildlife. Switchgrass attracts various birds and insects, namely butterflies, to the area and is heavily pollinated by the wind. Switchgrass has several distinct ecological uses and promotes biodiversity in a garden setting or any environmental setting for that matter. Using an alternative photosynthetic mechanism know as C4 photosynthesis, switchgrass can grow in a wide range of environments that include northern Canada and the temperate ecosystems of the United States and Mexico. Growth most often begins in the late Spring months and continues until the cold weather becomes too severe for optimal growth. The leaves of switchgrass turn from a bright green color in the Spring and Summer months to a pale yellow in the Fall, making it an adaptive ornamental decoration for any yard at any season of the year. Switchgrass is a tough grass that stands up to a variety of harsh conditions, adds both texture and color to a garden. Its large clumps of grass spread slowly over time and make stunning columns of color.