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Sycamore Trees

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Description: American Sycamore/Platanus occidentalis Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Mature Height- 75-100 feet Mature Width-40-45' feet Bloom Season- Spring Sun or Shade- Sun
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  • Product Description

    The Sycamore Tree - Ships In Sizes 1-3 Feet In Height


    The Sycamore tree, or Platanus Occidentalis, is one of the oldest trees on earth, with branches that reach about 175 ft. The tree is full, with thick plumage, uniform in shape and lovely for sitting and enjoying the sunny weather.

    This tree has distinctly large leaves which are around 6 inches long during mature growth, and deep green in color. During the autumn, these leaves turn a bright yellow, which dazzles the eyes. 

    Planting the Sycamore tree

    Hardiness zones for the Sycamore tree are between areas 4-9. These zones include most of the Western United States, especially in California. Other areas close to water, like river banks and streams, are also locations proven healthy for the growth of the Sycamore tree.

    The climax in growth for the Sycamore tree is from Spring to late Fall. When Fall arrives, a hefty amount of balanced fertilization is needed to ensure the next year's growth.

    A few more facts

    The Sycamore tree grows rapidly, and roots spread wide and far. In Urban areas, Sycamore trees are planted for their shade and stability. This tree is considered sturdy, as well, because of its deep roots that prevent the tree from being uprooted during storms. 

    The Sycamore tree is not generally used in many uniform treelines, but look much better as stand-alone elements of the yard. They work especially well in the backyard.

    Take your pick

    There are many varieties of Sycamore trees to choose from. North American Sycamores are the largest specimens, and these are the ones with white-washed or pale green bark. There are also smaller Sycamores in Eastern Africa, which have thinner foliage and versions with pink tinged leaves in the United Kingdom. 


    The Sycamore tree is a great choice for homeowners and for urban cityscapes. The many qualities of this tree make it a perfect choice when creating a lush and shady accent to the backyard of your home, or for random elements of shade in your local areas.
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