Terrarium Moss

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v Terrarium Moss-Thuidium Delicatulum Hardy Planting Zones- 1-9 Sun or Shade- Shade Mature Height-varies Mature Width-varies Bloom Season- all year Gardener Status- Beginner
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Terrarium Moss - Sphagnum

Moss Terrariums For Tropical Plants And Pets

Carefree and easy, Terrarium Moss loves to be spray-misted with water and kept moist every two to four weeks. This moss stays happy out of direct sunlight and does well even under artificial lights. Pair it with some sea glass or polished pebbles along with some soil, and it makes an ideal environment for a lizard or amphibian pet. Moss for terrariums is made for the use of tropical plants and homes for pets such as reptiles. Moss Terrariums can be found outdoors, in homes or offices. They are mostly made of low maintenance greenery that is pesticide and dye free. There are over 12,000 different types of moss that can be used in Moss Terrariums.

Moss for terrariums usually is known for being slow growing and found in wooded areas or growing from rocky crevasses such as patio tiles. If grown indoors it can be hard at times to increase due to not having enough humidity to continue building. Soil for moss needs to be very dense and moist. Thick enough to make a solid ball. Most mosses have felt like touch and can be a bright green color or a very dark green color. One of the most common moss for terrariums is the Pillow moss. Pillow moss is known for being green and lush and thrives in very moist environments with lots of light. Pillow moss is excellent for outdoor terrariums. A couple of others are New England moss which is a favorite selling moss. New England moss holds a lot of water and stays moist longer than any other type of moss which can be excellent for terrariums made outdoors as well. And the New Zealand Sphagnum Moss which is perfect for a Moss terrarium due to its softness. New Zealand moss can be ideal for indoor or outdoor terrariums. New Zealand moss is known to be grown hardy to zone 5 and can be found in temperatures from 35 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.