Texas Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex Texensis Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height-4-6inch Sun Or Shade- Sun Or Shade
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Texas Sedge- Carex Texensis

Texas Sedge is a green ground cover that is very soft looking. It is a summer grass that prefers sandy soils ranging from dry to sometimes wet. The blades can be reddish brown to greenish-brown in color and have a long narrow spike-like seed. It is native to Southern USA. It can grow up to twenty inches in height. Texas Sedge is an attractive and practical replacement for grass. Though native to the eastern, central and southern United States Texas Sedge gets its name from its dominant growth location in Central Texas, which can be hot and dry.

This foliage is low maintenance and thrives in drought conditions. Yellow-green in color and fine and tufty in appearance, this plant does not have to be mowed very often. When Texas Sedge gets too high, you can just turn your mower on high and just get the job done. This plant grows in clumps so you can cover as much or as little ground as you'd like without worrying about spreading.  The ideal soil would be dry or slightly wet, making this great for the environment and a way to save on your water bill. Texas Sedge is not very picky when it comes to soil. The best growth environment would be a moist well-drained sandy soil, but it is adaptable to many different kinds of land.

It is great to plant Texas Sedge under live trees for groundcover; it can also be used for naturalization and landscape restoration in sandy areas. This plant does well with light foot traffic and will look great planted alongside your footpath or interspersed with bulbs and other flowers. Grass can be very time-consuming, needing the perfect conditions, and a lot of maintenance and that is why so many people are replacing it with Texas Sedge which takes up less of your time and looks fantastic.