Toad Trillium

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Sessile Trillium is also called the Toadshade Trillium. It grows well in climate zones 4-8 and also blooms during the spring. It has three petals that appear purple or dark burgundy when grown which is the flower.
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Toad Trillium - Trillium sessile

Toad Trillium is a perennial wildflower common in the East and Midwest regions of the United States. Its flower remains closed in an erect position, at the center of two sets of three leaves. It’s Latin name, Sessile, means low sitting, as it only grows to a height of 10-30 cm. Toad Trillium (Trillium sessile), also known as Toadshade, is a wildflower native to the east-central United States. Toad Trillium has a unique look; it is a stalkless flower which is deep red and surrounded by three leaves which are sometimes mottled dark and light green but do not have to be. This flower is named as such because it resembles an umbrella, but sized for a toad. Thus, they require moist soil that drains well, and they need enriched soil. The seeds may not germinate until the second year, during their initial planting many times over--they are perennials and can return on their own for up to 25 years, as long as the leaves are not harmed.

The flower can be picked or cut, but if the leaves are taken with it, then the plant will die and may never return. Getting this flower from a nursery is essential.  Toad trillium is beautiful when planted among other trillium plants; they are all three-leafed plants with a single flower in the middle, and they give your garden a pleasing symmetry. They can also be planted with other woodland wildflowers to provide your backyard or garden a natural, woodsy look. Toad trillium ships in seed form or as a pre-grown plant. These plants grow from horizontal thick and fleshy rhizomes and will slowly spread if undisturbed. They grow best in somewhat moist soil in light shade or the dappled sun of the woodland before early summer. They do not transplant well. The plant dies back to dormancy by mid summer.


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