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Toothwood Fern


Description: Tooth Wood Fern-Dryopteris carthusiana Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full shade Mature Height - 20-35" Mature Width- 12-18" Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner
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    Toothwood Fern - Dryopteris spinulosais

    Toothwood Fern or Narrow Buckler Fern is a beautiful, lace-like plant. This fern in triangular and has tiny leaflets that look a lot like teeth, hence the name of the plant. The plant is a perennial with vivid green color that is glossy, even when the plant reaches maturity. This fern is unlike other ferns because of its shape and leaflets, but often gets mistaken for a Lady Fern as the Toothwood Fern and Lady Fern look similar in appearance. The Trotwood Fern can grow in dry soil; however, it prefers moist ground as it does better in it. It is a versatile plant in that it can grow in places most other plants cannot, and it can be planted inside a large enough pot to grow inside in addition to outside. This fern is lovely to have a background plant, an accent plant, or make a garden look even more beautiful. The Northwood is also long living, and deer and grouse are attracted to it, but it does die in the winter and comes back in the spring. Toothwood ferns start off as a tuberous root and should be planted 1-2 inches apart. Easy to grow and care for, the Toothwood’s flowering period is April through September, but keep in mind that it is also slow growing. For soil erosion that can occur around a home or other places, this fern is perfect to have planted in these trouble areas. It will cut down the amount of erosion that is happening. If you are patient and want a plant that is both a benefit and looks beautiful, a Toothwood Fern can fill that bill.

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    1. Makes a dull area pop!

      Color is bright and deep on Mar 31st 2017

    2. Disappointed

      I was not happy with my small plants but was ensured that they will grow, give them time so I will on Mar 31st 2017

    3. Good quality

      The quality of this fern is great. It was packaged well, the roots were moist and it is growing nicely. on Mar 31st 2017

    4. Pleased

      I am pleased with my purchase so far on Mar 29th 2017

    5. Amazing

      It is stunning beautiful and looks great. I am amazed at how fast it is growing. on Mar 28th 2017

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