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Topiary moss

Topiary Moss

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Description: Topiary Moss-genus Sphagnum Hardy Planting Zones- any Sun or Shade – Full sun to Full Shade Mature Height - any Mature Width- any Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner to Experienced
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    Topiary Moss


    Topiary Moss can look elegant, whimsical, stately and just about any other attitude you are trying to capture. Moss For Topiaries is a wonderful way to add a beautiful, "live" green sculpture as an ornamental accent for your landscape.

    Eye-catching and decorative, these topiaries can be made in any size and form. For example, wire frames can create a variety of stunning shapes for your landscape enhancement. Common shapes have evolved into spheres, spirals and triangles. There are also animal topiaries depicting elephants, dogs, rabbits and so many others. Frames can also be custom-ordered to fashion any other desired shapes. 

    Moss For Topiaries will be draped over your wire forms and provide a long-lasting, live green sculpture. There is zero weeding, and once the moss has established, it becomes a low maintenance landscape feature. In addition, Moss For Topiaries is tough against the harsh cold winters to dry hot summers and can be grown in zones 4 - 8. The moss can withstand many soil conditions depending on how it is used. It needs a lot of shade and watering to thrive in all its green glory. When fully grown, this moss can develop up to two feet in thickness.

    Lush and vibrant green, Moss for Topiaries is sold through the nursery in square foot sheets and shipped as a bareroot plant. Some people like to first stuff their topiary wire frame shape with sphagnum moss to lock in moisture and air and then drape it with hypnum or fern moss and secure. 

    Moss For Topiaries is ideal for designing green sculptures that stand elegantly along a property's walkway, in a garden or as a stunning focal point within the landscape. These moss sculptures are stable and sturdy and can be moved around to different locations. These add a manicured look to one's home or business.

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