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Tree Apron Moss

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Common Tree Apron Moss - Anomodon attenuatus Hardy Planting Zones- 2-7 Sun or Shade – Full Shade Mature Height - 1" - 2' (if supported by a tree) Mature Width- Varied Bloom Season – Year round Gardener Status- Beginner
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Tree Apron Moss

Tree Apron Moss is an excellent ground cover that is easily grown. It thrives in full shade or sunlight and needs very little care as it grows. The word apron is a great way to explain how the moss grows at the base of trees or on any garden rocks. The moss is a very small plant that never produces flowers. It provides overall coverage on the ground. It has been known to even grow on large boulders outside of a garden. It is found throughout the woodlands in the Eastern half of the United States. It can also be found in countries such as Asia and Europe.

The moss grows bright green in color with a carpet evergreen look to it. It grows close to the ground and never gets above '1' inch in height. Because of the structure in which it grows, it is used in gardens or lawns to add color and style to any area that needs to look filled in. The moss has a feathery appearance to it and is very robust as it grows. Due to not needing much sunlight or none at all, it will thrive in any part of a garden or wooded area. It is low maintenance and easy to start the growth process. This kind of moss is a simple addition to give color to a home garden or a more large-scale area throughout the states. Tree Apron Moss can be found at most garden centers for a reasonable cost.
Tree Moss is a beautiful addition to a large garden or lawn. This moss plant grows and covers trees trunks with a beautiful green color. It also gives off a pleasant scent as it grows and matures. This moss plant is a lovely way to spruce up all gardens, lawns and natural areas as it grows.