Trees- Decades Of Fresh Air , Beauty & Shade

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Trees provide shade and beauty to any yard or garden. Trees increase the air quality and can reduce cooling costs by as much as 17% in hot summer months. They also protect homes from damaging winds, highway head lights and noise. Trees bring much more than a space filler in a garden, they are incredibly important to our surroundings, and who would have thought they would actually benefit the air we breathe. A tree can absorb 48 pounds, if not more, of carbon dioxide per year and also can take in 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.

When distinguishing where and when trees can be planted, it is important to use the USDA Hardy Planting zone map to refer to. It is divided into a number of regional gardening zones, this is the best way to determine your personal zone and will ensure your garden will thrive as you properly educate yourself before planting.

Mature Tree height is the distance vertically between its base and the end of the highest branch, which of course can be difficult to get an accurate measurement. Also taking into consideration the depth of the roots past beneath the tree itself is important.

Before even considering planting trees the soil must be prepared accordingly and this depends on the tree you are planting. We often take soil for granted but unfortunately over time due to human activities such as building and farming the soil has been somewhat depleted over the years. The soil is incredibly important because the soil fertility supports the growth of plants which provide vital needs for us, for example, clothing, food, and medicine.

Tree growth happens in meristems which are specialized tissues, these tissues are found at the tips of the tree's shoots and leaves. Growth in diameter occurs inside the stem in the vascular cambium.

The uses for trees in landscaping are vast and include Defining spaces, provide privacy, improve air quality, provide shelter and also reduce noise levels. Trees can also contribute to habitat creation.

Trees are a vital part of our habitat and an enormously valuable asset to our homes and surroundings.

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