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How Trees Enhance A Landscape


Trees can add to the aesthetics of a landscape in numerous ways. Statistics show that planting trees can improve the energy efficiency and increase the value of your home. Trees can be an asset to a landscape design by acting as a shield from noises and unsightly views surrounding your property. A row of trees can provide an attractive living privacy wall around the perimeter of your property, a pool area, deck or patio. Trees can increase the overall landscaping options you have. A lawn that receives full sun limits the type of plants you can include in your landscape design. Adding trees to your landscape will provide shady areas. In those areas, you can create a textural shade garden or incorporate a more extensive variety of colorful flowers to beautify your lawn.

Tree do not require a lot of maintenance. Therefore, they are an ideal landscape feature for busy homeowners


If you don’t particularly enjoy the hobby of flower gardening, trees are an excellent, decorative way to create an impressive, attractive, low-maintenance landscape. Trees bring movement to landscape when a gentle breeze blows. A view is enhanced and enlivened when dappled sunlight dances on the ground underneath a tree. Trees provide opportunities for creating a comfortable outdoor living area or a functional entertainment space. Trees can enhance your landscape throughout all seasons. In spring, they add varying shades of green to your view. Throughout summer, their lush, green leaves can provide diverse texture to your landscape design. As autumn arrives and most flowers lose their beauty, the leaves of certain varieties of trees become a colorful, artistic feature in your landscape. When the leaves fall from trees, the uniquely shaped branches can become a sculptural, eye-catching element in your exterior design. Evergreens keep your scene lively throughout the winter season.

Trees Provide Fresh Oxygen, Fight Pollution and Also Live Longer Than Humans