Virginia Blue Bell Plants

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Virginia Blue Bell-Mertensia virginica Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Part to Full Shade Mature Height - 18-24" Mature Width- up to 24" Bloom Season – Spring (May) Gardener Status- Beginner
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Virginia Blue Bell Plants - Mertensia Virginica

Virginia Blue Bell Plants, also known as Virginian cowslip, are one of the loveliest flowers to grace yards, garden beds, and fields across the country. Its delicate flowers resemble a small cluster of bells lightly blowing in the wind. The hue of the Virginia Blue Bell Plants' petals ranges from soft lilac to a pastel baby blue. Bluebells do not grow any wider than they are tall. These delightful flowers are an excellent choice of plants to use as borders around the edges of driveways or walking paths, and they often attract a variety of brightly colored butterflies, making the Virginia bluebell even more of an eye-catcher.

Virginia Blue Bell Plants tend to grow best when they are not exposed to excessive amounts of water; therefore, it is essential that gardeners use soil that drains well. They also appear to do quite well in sandy (peaty) types of soil. For the best growing results, one should consider pairing their Virginia bluebells with plant species that require a similar level of rainfall, as well as taking precautions not to overwater them. Although these hardy perennials grow in most environments with little trouble, areas with a fair amount of shade are ideal for the health of Virginia bluebells. However, bluebells have been known to grow in the wild under direct sunlight for some years in low-rainfall areas before eventually dying off.

Because Virginia Blue Bell Plants are low-growing plants, they require very little tending to once they've taken root. In fact, bluebells tend to be healthier overall the less they are handled; accordingly, they are a perfect selection for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance addition to their flower beds. Pairing Virginia Blue Bell Plants with flowers that are magenta, purple, or other hues of blue will make for a genuinely dazzling outdoor sight!