Virginia Pine Tree

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Virginia Pine Tree - Pinus virginiana


Virginia Pines are not limited to Virginia. These hardy trees can survive poor soil conditions from New York to Alabama. Frigid winters, sandy soils, and minimal nutrients will not stop these trees from growing. Virginia Pines are very popular in the southern states for use as Christmas trees. These trees can be ready for harvest in as few as three years with optimal growing and pruning conditions. Five years is usually preferred so the trees will be thick with short, paired needles on long spreading limbs.

Since these hardy trees are pest-resistant and tolerate poor soil conditions, they are favored by landscapers for bonsai use, median barriers, and seaside homes. These trees are often used to reforest barren areas where fire or mining has destroyed the landscape. Set at the perimeters of a yard and regularly pruned, these pines will grow thick and substantial, making a beautiful natural boundary.

The wood of a Virginia Pine will soften as the tree ages. Bird-lovers allow older trees to remain on their property so they will attract woodpeckers. Some people also use stands for the trees to create a natural privacy fence around their home or property.

Virginia Pines are shipped as bare root plants to customers