We Donate Plants

University Experiments, Governmental Plants & Even Blog Owners Can Get Absolutely Free Plants Fast

 If you are from a non-profit organization, university, governmental organization or If you run a very upscale website or blog,  we'd be happy to send you out some plants absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is email Tammy at tammysons7@gmail.com and give her your name, organization name and website. She will get back to you within 24 hours or usually sooner. She will send you some excellent quality plants usually within 1 day.

 PLEASE NOTE ***** This is not a "free for all," and you choose what you want. We have a surplus of some items and are glad to donate a few plants. Please do not expect to give us quantities or species choices. We ship different plants in each season. We will gladly donate more in each season also.

 All we ask is for a "thank you" mention on your site of us being a donating participant in your garden. We do ask for you to keep the "thank you" mention up for 1 year. This shows we are a credible company and build our branding and presence online. Here is our banners you can put up thanking us sample banners .

Our Nursery ships over 45,000 orders per season and we always have a surplus of plants we choose to donate, not throw away or replant in each season. Back in 1938, the founder offered many universities and professionals free plants for research and as supplements in more exceptional gardening areas. And to this day, our family-owned company still backs the founder's wishes to donate to fit the needs of non-profits, gardening bloggers and also universities for further studies and to help our planet stay beautiful. Plants fight pollution, provide fresh air, clean the environment, beautify and protect. And our motto is "Why to throw away what could be someone else's treasure.

We have donated to over 400 universities, national site planning and garden blog and website owners serious about the environment and planting plants for purification, beautification and to increase cleaner air and help the environment.

Our Tennessee-based wholesale nursery is proud to support research and innovation through our donation of plants to universities, community organizations, and research centers. We have not charged for this service for over 60 years, and only ask that you mention our contribution publicly on your website or in a subsequent publication. Are you experimenting with the fields of botany, horticulture, biology, medicine, or a similar area? Could donated plants benefit that research? Read on for details on our plant donation program.

Previous Recipients

We have previously worked with academic leaders such as Yale University, the University of Minnesota, Vanderbilt University, Michigan State University, and Harvard University. These projects have led to breakthroughs in antibacterial technology, Mars colonization prospects, sustainable stormwater management, and more.

We have already helped over 400 universities, nonprofits, and government research centers over the course of this program, and we hope to help many more in the coming years. It has been our honor to participate in these critical scientific efforts.

What We Ask in Return

If you request a donation of plants, we ask that you publicly acknowledge our donation on your .edu or .gov website. This helps support our nursery, which in turns helps us to continue this program and helps other researchers and nonprofits make new breakthroughs.

Why This Research is Important

Faced with growing health and environmental threats such as antibiotic resistance, emerging diseases, and pollution, research into potential plant-based solutions is more critical than ever. Additionally, discoveries in exciting areas like space exploration and pharmaceutical development promise to benefit many generations to come. At Garden Delights Nursery, we want to support the researchers of today in finding the answers of tomorr


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