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Wetland Plants

Wetland Plants Clean The Air, Lakes & Property


Attractive landscaping is essential for homeowners who want to create great curb appeal for their home. When someone with a green thumb purchases an existing home with less than impressive landscape features, one of their first projects is likely to involve new plantings and gardens. In the rare case where a residential property has low-lying areas, the original homeowner can find wetland plants that will discover water-logged ditches or depressions to be a friendly environment. Most residential homeowners would prefer their property to be high and dry with no threat of water seeping into their basement or overflowing creeks during a heavy rainstorm. However, beautiful water features can be developed through the use of natural wetland plants. Artificial ponds of various sizes are sometimes built to enhance a landscape that does not have any physical wet areas, and wetland plants that include water-loving grasses and flowers are used to beautify the feature.

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Wetland Plants Does Well In A Variety Of Places


Building a backyard pond of any size is very labor intensive, but even a small fish pond that includes a fountain or small waterfall can be delightful. Once the project is finished, it requires only minimal maintenance by the knowledgeable homeowner. Professional landscapers often create impressive water features at their business site to advertise their company. These projects are likely to include a large pond, rock walls, and a waterfall or fountain. Attractive wetland plants may surround the lake since they require little care and also add interest and beauty.Homes that are located in rural areas on larger parcels may have low lying areas that tend to be marshy or the site of a natural pond.

Wetland plants that spring up naturally help to provide erosion control as well as a friendly environment for wildlife. While standing water will attract mosquitoes and other biting insects, small nesting birds help to control the pests.