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White Ash Tree For Sale Online
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White Ash Tree

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Description: White Ash- Fraxinus Americana Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Mature Height- 50 to 80 feet Mature Width- 40-50 feet Bloom Season- late March- mid April Sun or Shade- direct sunlight
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    White Ash Tree - Ships 1-3 Feet in Height

    The white ash tree is a beautiful big bulky tree that provides beautiful shade during the hot summer, and beautiful leaf shades of yellows and browns during the fall. The white ash tree is Native to North America and generally grows in eastern United States and Canada. It can also be seen in some central states such as Texas. Most prominently seen in States such as Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Florida. 

    The white ash tree can reach mature heights of up to 50-80 feet and spread in width lengths of up to 40-50 feet when it reaches maturity. 

    As for the soil requirements, the white ash tree grows best in well drained and wet soils including: alkaline, acidic, loamy, and moist soils. 

    The growing speed of a white ash tree calls for a lot of patience. White ash trees grow at a slow to medium rate reaching height increases of 13-24 inches per year. With direct sunlight and a healthy amount of water, white ash trees are sure to blossom. Slowly but surely. 

    The wood of a white ash tree makes it commonly known. The white ash tree contains wood that is strong, yet light. Therefore the wood of a white ash tree is what baseball bats are most commonly made out of. Other landscaping products made with white ash tree wood are cabinets and some furniture. 

    The white ash tree is a big tree. When planting, space needs to be taken into consideration. With its bright green leafs measuring 8-12 inches long you are sure to find yourself dazzled by its beauty. During the hot summer the tree provides impeccable shade and during the fall and winter its leafs begin to change colors. Color changes range from light to dark yellows and browns which can also appear purple. The big bulky tree trunk of a white ash tree sits beautifully underneath the casted shadow of its green leafs.
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