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White Dogwood Tree

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Latin Name- Cornus Florida Hardy Planting Zone- 5-9 Mature Height- 20-35ft Width-20-30 Sun or Shade- Full Sunshine to Partial Shade
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White Dogwood Tree — Cornus florida


The white dogwood is a beautiful tree that is highly desired for landscapes. It adds a lovely addition to any space and can be used in both smaller and larger lawns. It can grow up to 25’ in height and 25” wide and does best when it is planted in zones 5 through 9. These trees can be found all over the country, but they do not do well in climates that are extremely hot and have little rain. This tree has a remarkable color display in all seasons. During the springtime, the tree has beautiful white flowers that have a fragrant smell. During the autumn season, the lovely deep purple reddish colors on the leaves make this tree impressive. It is during the fall season that the songbirds are attracted to the vibrant leaves’ color.

Those who are interested in adding a dogwood to their yard need to consider a few things. They are known to be one of the more natural trees to take care of, but the conditions and where it is planted can dramatically affect the flowering of the tree. While the trees like to have a moist soil base, the soil must be well drained. They do not do well on land that is regularly wet or a marshy area. They do not do well in direct sunlight. In fact, they must have partial shade to keep from being scorched during peak sun. An acidic soil seems to do better for making the dogwood grow to full capacity. They seem to do better in partial shade and where the soil conditions are just right. There are many dogwoods in England, but due to the less than perfect climate, the trees often do not flower like they do when these specifications are met.

There are more than thirty different species of the dogwood tree, with the white and pink being the most popular. The legend of the dogwood tree goes back to biblical times. It is said that the crucifixion of Christ happened on a cross that was constructed of wood from the dogwood tree. The legend says that Christ stunted the tree's growth due to His crucifixion. The tree was known to be stronger and taller than it is today. In today’s society, it is used as an ornamental decoration and adds a beautiful color display to any yard.

These trees have been known to help thwart the spread of the horrible disease malaria. Those suffering from malaria or leg cramps often used quinine to combat pain. The bark of the white dogwood is abundant in the mineral called tannin. Tannin can be used as a substitute for the mineral quinine. Pioneers also used the bark of the tree to brush their teeth. So while these trees are mostly ornamental today, in times past these trees were very resourceful to pioneers.

Dogwood trees are easy to maintain and can provide exquisite ornamentation to the landscape. The trees are hardy and resistant to disease. They do not need any particular attention and just the occasional pruning to make them look impressive.