Wintercreeper Plant

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Winter Creeper-Euonymus fortunei Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade to Full Sun Mature Height - 6-24" (2-3' shrub)(40-70' Vine) Mature Width- 10' - 20' Bloom Season – no flowers Gardener Status- Beginner
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Wintercreeper – Euonymus fortunei

Winter Creeper Plant - Euonymus Fortunei
Euonymus fortunei are a resilient species of angiosperm that belong to a family of spindly bushes and vine-like evergreen plants. Due to its dark color and potential mature length of 20 meters, euonymus fortunei are perfect for use as either a different climbing vine or very thick ruglike ground cover. Unlike other flowering plants, the broad leaves, rather than the flowers, are the most attractive aspect of Euonymus fortunei. Over the course of a year, these leaves will shift from dark green to burgundy, but unlike deciduous plants, euonymus fortunei while always retains its leaves. This hardy plant will thrive in almost any lighting environment and all but the wettest soils. Wintercreeper vine is a fast-growing shrubby plant, often used for groundcover. Although characteristics of this plant vary among cultivars, the leaves are typically bright to dark green and about an inch long. Some varieties, such as Moonshadow, feature dark green outer edges with a lighter green highlighting the center of the leaf. Only adult plants produce flowers and seeds.

The small, subtle blooms are light greenish, growing in clusters throughout the summer. The seeds typically reveal themselves by autumn, forming as light pink casings which burst open like papery little pods. The seeds within are glossy, bright orange and shaped like tiny kidney beans. The best soil for this plant is moist and well-draining, but it will grow in most soil conditions except overly wet. While it is considered invasive, due to its rapid growth rate and a high tolerance for improving conditions, Wintercreeper is a useful landscaping element. Control of its rapid growth can keep this plant where you want it, or you can choose to allow it free reign to unsightly camouflage areas of your yard. Because it is an evergreen, Euonymus fortunei serves as a leafy point of interest year-round, offering its various looks throughout the seasons – from dormant in winter, to flowering in summer, to fruiting in fall. And, because it is so hearty, your plant will arrive healthy and ready to put on the ground.