Worm Castings - 3 Gallons

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Worm castings provide all the essential nutrients plants need. They can be used on any type of plant, are easily absorbed by the plant and can be applied directly without risk of burning.
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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Worm Castings: Nature's Superfood for Plants

Worm castings (which are mainly worm manure) are one of the most versatile and practical fertilizers you can buy. The digestive system of the worm breaks down organic matter like paper, grains, and food waste, and produces a carbon-rich, easy to apply soil amendment that's packed with benefits.
Clean and safe to handle

Unlike animal manures, worm castings have no foul odor. When damp, they smell like fresh earth after rain so that they can be used in potted houseplants as well as gardens. Worms also do not carry dangerous pathogens, like those that can be found in manure and improperly prepared manure composts, so there's no health risk to using them.
No burned plants

Unlike chemical fertilizers and even some compost, worm castings are safe to apply directly to plants without mixing into the soil or watering down. The worms' digestive process breaks down nutrients into forms that are immediately beneficial to plants, so there's no risk of burning tender seedlings with an accidental over-application.
Disease prevention

Worm castings are packed with beneficial microbes, delicious fungi. These colonize the soil and even the surfaces of your plants, crowding out any nasty disease-causing organisms that might want to attack your garden. To maximize this disease-preventing power, make a worm casting tea by placing a cloth bag filled with worm castings in a bucket of water. When the water is the color of dark tea, use a sprayer or watering can to wet your plants with it, helping to build up that disease barrier.
Builds up soil

Carbon is the building block for all plants, and worm castings are an excellent source of it. Not only do they provide the necessities for vigorous, healthy plants, worm castings also offer plant-accessible micronutrients that will help you grow bigger, brighter flowers and more flavorful vegetables.