Yarrow Plant

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Latin Name- Achillea Millefoliumow Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 2-3ft Width- 16-36inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Yarrow Plant - Achillea millefolium

Both an herb and a flower, the Yarrow plant is a low maintenance perennial which has the ability to grow in poor and dry soil. This flower is a summertime bloom which can grow in yellow, pink, or red and requires full and direct sunlight for optimum growth. Yarrow plants attract butterflies and can quickly become an invasive species which can grow in bushes up to 36 inches high and can require some effort to control.
One of the more attractive features of the Yarrow plant is its pest-repellent property. Generally, there are no insects to worry about destroying these flower clusters. While these plants are easy to care for, they can be prone to powdery mildew and rust. One redeeming quality of this flowering herb is its tendency to alter the soil around it and create nutrient-rich soil. For this reason, Yarrow flowers are often planted near or with fruit trees.
The herbal properties of the Yarrow plant make it a popular choice for gardeners. Some Native American tribes have been known to use Yarrow flowers in salves for treating sunburns. Astringents and soaps are popular uses for this plant as well. In addition to the topical uses for Yarrow, it has been known to help with stopping blood in minor wounds, creating a calming effect upon ingestion, and relieving muscle cramps.

Though often thought of as yellow, yarrow blooms in a range of colors that include yellow, white, red, pink and orange. Many homeowners grow yarrow as a ground cover. Its low need for water and its drought tolerance makes it a suitable lawn alternative. It is a small maintenance plant, and when used as a lawn alternative it requires mowing only twice per growing season. It is a herbaceous perennial, meaning it dies back in the extreme cold, although it does prefer cooler climates to hot ones. The plant is also used widely in rain gardens where its fibrous root system filters water and improves drainage.

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